Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Resound Verso Success

This gentleman came into the Nick Chitty Hearing Centre stating he had a severe hearing loss and that he didn't think it would be possible for me to help him. He was wearing two large behind the ear hearing aids occasionally when he could bear to wear the deep full molds that made his ears sore. His biggest complaint was background noise when working in his busy pub - which was probably due to the fact that he was wearing over powered hearing aids and full molds with no vents !!! 
After a full diagnostic hearing assessment, we opted to demonstrate the new Resound Verso RIC Technology with no sound  domes fitted to deliver the sound. I thought would give him the best sound quality and helping to reduce background noise

Audiogram of Patients Hearing Loss
Programming Page Resound Verso
You will notice straight away the significant reduction in gain (volume) to the target gain, and also the large headroom achieved with the feedback manger. even with no dome fitted whatsoever. This means the patient has a significant reduction in over amplified low frequency sounds and no whistling . His first comment was "After 10 years my voice does not sound like I have my head in a bucket" The patient also commented how light the hearing aids felt and couldn't believe how something so small could deliver such sound quality. When I rang the patient to see how things were going his comment to me was "I am happy to come in for my check up but promise me you wont change the sound quality"  

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