Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hopi Candle Danger

I know it must sound tempting. you know your ear is blocked with wax.And you see an advert on the internet for a old  American Indian remedy (dis-proven). Its a card board tube you stick in your ear. and set light to the other end!!. 

The trouble is without a health care professional looking in your ear you dont no the amount or depth of the wax. Any regular viewers  to my Nick Chitty YouTube channel will tell you what you see and what comes out can be 2 different things. In Canada its use is banned for medical use.
" Canadian government consider that there is no reasonable non-medical use, "

Check this  video from the Ear wax Removal video Nick chitty 

Channel to see the 

potential harm that can be done

check the facts  Wikipedia 

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