Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nick Chitty Hearing Care

Well it had to happen. "The Big I am" has finally put his money where his mouth is and started his own Hearing center. Having worked for large conglomerate hearing companies only interested in units and sales.
Nick decided to follow his passion for helping the hearing impaired. Its interesting to note that when Nick won the first of his 3 prestigious awards for patient after care. The large chain he worked for didn't even recognize this achievement. Why because it had no financial impact for them.
  So on a quest for Patient first Nick was offered rooms at the Groundwell Road Dental Practice.
3 Trips to the dump latter

Floor Rebuilt and Skimmed. doors/draws replaced
This was a challenge from the word go as the room had not been used for 10 years. And it was obvious it was going to need more than a lick of paint to for fill Nicks  dream.
Computer interfaced Audiometry
Lighting by Stuart Adams
 So with few more bits and pieces in the audio department coming Nick Chitty Hearing Care
is up and running

For Appointments Call 01793-530541

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