Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Shooters Perfect Xmas Gift

There is no doubt that when it comes to protecting your hearing in any shooting discipline there is one name that stands out that is Puretone's CENS® Their secret is not only to give you sound protection but their device will allow you to hear whats going on around you. Not only the social chit chat at your local clay club more importantly hearing game whilst out stalking. Here are 10 reasons why Puretone's CENS® is so popular at

1.    Ultra lightweight(6g), unobtrusive earplug
2.    Multi-softnessearpiece with super-soft silicone tip
3.    Modular DSPelectronic digital amplifier
4.    100s of colour combinationsto choose from
5.    Easy clean design,clear tip
6.    Models optimised formany shooting disciplines
7.    Individually personalised forevery user
8.    Passive filtered module option available
9.    Supplied with detailed accessory pack 
10. Tested &certified to EN352
       Don't Take chances with your Hearing
       As A Puretone Partner Nick is happy to
       discuss your personal needs. So that he
       can customize the right system for you.  
       Examination/Hearing scan is free at Nicks
       Dedicated centre call 
       Swindon 01793 530541 - 0755705357

50 Groundwell Road 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Ultimate Smart Phone Accessory

Anybody who loves their  music will enjoy these lovely custom made i-Monitors for your smart phone or   Mp3 player. With custom moulds taken at the Nick Chitty Hearing Centre. These silicone mouldings will not only fit comfortably but with the in line button you will be able to make calls while out jogging.

Custom I-Monitors

But please don't have the sound too loud !!!

As long as you promise Nick that you won't have the volume up too loud you can make an appointment at the centre for a quick examination to have custom ear impressions taken   
Call  Swindon 01793-530541       www.nickchitty.co.uk


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