Monday, September 2, 2013

Is It Ear wax

So a nice gentleman presented at my Ear wax removal clinic. Stating that he had purchased some very expensive in the canal hearing aids some 6 months earlier. But felt his hearing was still getting worse. His own conclusion was that although the chap that sold him the hearing aids  was a nice guy
                "He just didn't seem interested in me anymore"
And that  he was convinced that because he and his Wife. Although both in there 80's went swimming every day. That his ears must be full of wax. 
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First picture is left Ear. A quick hearing test showed that the Patient had Mixed hearing loss. But most of it being of a conductive nature. I would speculate years of cold water swimming has caused these growths, 
They Are non Malignant 

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This patient was referred back to his local ENT Consultant. Who after careful consideration is doing some small surgical procedures. And has asked I provide more suitable Hearing aids

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