Monday, January 7, 2013

Ear Wax Removal

As a health care professional I am often asked this question
           "Nick if i don't use cotton buds how do I clean my ears"
The answer is easy if you understand the basic bio mechanics of what happens in your ear canal.
Why do we produce ear wax 
1  For Cleaning
2  For Lubrication
3  It's  Antibacterial
                       The skin in you ear canal is like a conveyor belt it is always moving to the outside of your ear. The idea being that any debris.dirty,dry skin,hair will stick to the wax and slowly be removed

                           Ear wax has many moisturising  qualities to help your ear canal stay in tip top condition
If you keep removing it you will just produce more. and more !

                                  Because ear wax is slightly acidic and is made up of fatty acids this help resist certain bacteria and fungal growths.

So there you have it mother nature has given us a simple device to transmit sound down. That if left alone in most people will self clean. So the next time you notice some ear wax at the opening of you ear canal. Don't go diving in with a cotton bud to remove it. The wax has been on a 9-12 month journey just remove with a soft tissue or warm flannel wrapped over your little finger 
If you are concearned about wax build up call Nick at his dedicated
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  1. Thanks for providing the information.
    Earwax build up can lead to ear discomfort, reduced hearing and affect your day to day life.Therefore consult a doctor and go for ear wax removal to done safely.ear wax removal

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  3. Can you please provide your clinic location? I want to get my wax removed.

  4. Ear wax, also known as cerumen, is produced in the ear canals by glands. Ear wax acts as part of the ears natural defence system preventing infection due to antibacterial agents. Its moist sticky properties also catch dust, debris and foreign objects which enter the ear.

  5. Ear wax removal london should always be removed by a professional to avoid long term damage to the ear. Home attempts almost always have a negative effect by pushing wax further in the canal and making it more impacted – making it more difficult to remove.