Thursday, August 8, 2013

First day blues

So camp set up. spent Friday morning catching up with old friends from USA/Japan/holland Denmark to name a few. The gliders had made the trip okay and I spent a quite couple hours on my own getting them set up.
 These gliders are British made. By Richard And Haley at and are called a sabotage. There flying weight is 265 grams. You are only allowed 5 gliders for the competition. They all have there dimensions checked by an FAI official and then carry a stamp on them to say that they are legal but can not be changed. If it get windy it is possible to add up to 100 grms weight inside the glider to help it penetrate into wind. 

Nick And the Japanese F3K Team
  My wife Valerie had met the Japanese Team at the last world championships in Sweden. As she couldn't attend as my timer this year "Valerie San" Made the Team  a special Cherry and marzipan cake. Which went down very well. According to Yoichi there Team manger. "Thank you Valerie san we miss you"
Camp UK
So test flying complete at about 3 pm I was feeling a little tired. went back to the camper van for a quick snooze. Woke up 4 hrs latter !!!  think the 12 hr drive caught up with me. Team meeting tomorrow and some more practice 

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