Friday, July 12, 2013

Off to the World Championships

Well the time has come. I am off to Denmark for the World F3K Championships. The F 3 What I hear you cry.  F3K  is the international contest class for radio controlled, hand-launched model gliders. They are limited to a wingspan of 1.5 metres. They have a launch peg/blade on the wing tip the idea is to throw the glider as high as possible. Good pilots get 200 to 250 feet or 60 meters.  And then stay up using thermals (heat rising) or any available lift from possible ground sources. Like tree lines or even a house if i get desperate.

So what now!!. 10/15 Pilots all launch on the timing horn. where are all stood in a 75 metre box there can be carnage, but not often. Then depending on the task chosen by the organizers we have to stay up for specific times and land back in the take off box for the time to count as points. sometimes there are multiply timed task and this is where the fun begins guessing how the other competitors are doing. I will have own Timer/Coach in my old flying friend Lorry Green he is a good timer as he can spot good lift for me from other competitors during the task. Its going to be a long 10 days. There are 26 country's taking part all with teams of 3 senior pilots and there is a junior competition running along side the seniors. But first the long drive to Denmark I leave on the 17 will keep you posted

This is the official web site

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