Monday, February 11, 2013

Recognition of Excellence for Nick Chitty

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Recognition of Excellence for Nick Chitty Hearing Care
Nick Chitty Hearing Care is proud to announce that they have been made a Centre of Excellence by Danish hearing aid specialist, GN ReSound.  ReSound Centres of Excellence are a select, highly skilled professional group who demonstrate exemplary customer care and technical expertise.
Making sure that a client receives the greatest possible benefit from their hearing instruments is a highly skilled job.   Unlike glasses where the skill lies in diagnosis and the resulting prescription can simply be “popped on”, hearing aids require a huge amount of time and expertise after the diagnosis.  Each hearing instrument must be delicately tailored to each individual.  They often require adjusting as the client becomes accustomed to their new world of sound.  This fine-tuning can take several appointments over a number of months.  It ensures that the wearer is getting the most from the hearing aids that they have invested in.
To be recognised as a ReSound Centre of Excellence, Nick Chitty Hearing Care was able to demonstrate a commitment to expertise, training and professional development in a clinical and caring background and a comprehensive aftercare programme. 
Nick Chitty owner of Nick Chitty Hearing Care says “We are delighted that the care and service we offer our clients has been recognised by ReSound.  Our ethos has always been to put the client first and we are prepared to spend as much time as is necessary to make sure that our customers get the best out of their hearing aids.  Unfortunately you hear a lot of stories about people being seduced by the offer of cheap hearing aids online without realising that so much of the performance of a hearing aid is governed by the way it is programmed and fine-tuned.  They buy online but end up being dissatisfied with their hearing aids because they don’t help them in way that they should.  Any client who comes to us receives personalised and ongoing fine-tuning based on their hearing loss, preferences, lifestyle, and their physiology. Plus we offer a service and support package for their aids.  We guarantee that this level of care makes a real, audible difference to our clients”.
ReSound are a leading hearing aid manufacturer responsible for many of the major technical advances in hearing aid technology in the past 25 years.  Their latest product ReSound Verso uses groundbreaking technology that enables two hearing instruments to work together as a single system.  It helps you to hear effortlessly in everyday situations and on special occasions.  It has a natural, rich and accurate sound.  It also has first generation wireless streaming that connects to the TV and mobile phones.  To find out more contact Nick Chitty on 01793-530541  - 07557053157

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